Organizing Your Chaos

Why you should consider organizing.

My desk on Tuesday, June 30.

The evolution of my desk over the workweek is really something else.

Monday: My desk is tidy and clean, everything in its place and the surface is as shiny as could be. You can smell a lemony freshness about it and I swear I’ve even heard the desk say it’s ready to work.

Friday: A tornado went through the office and struck only my desk. Sticky notes are everywhere, paper piles are skewed and messy, and there are coffee stains marring the wood. You’ll also find chocolate wrappers somewhere close by.

I can’t always help it. The days get busy and I grow complacent. For a Tuesday, my day is exceptionally bad, but Box Pro went to print today so I have an excuse.

Anyways, do you have organization problems with your desk? How about with your to-do list? Although the desk can be fixed by maybe a few folders or a weekly cleaning (which is what I do), losing organization when it comes to your schedule and what needs to get done is not so simple.

I attempt to keep my life, in and outside of work, organized. I use hard-copy planners, a notes app on my computer and phone, Google calendars, sticky notes and Sure, it’d be more efficient to probably consolidate it all, but I have yet to figure out a perfect system. Let me know if you’ve found one.

However, the important thing is keeping on top of it all. From experience, I promise you that you will not remember everything. And as your business grows, it will only get that much more difficult. Even when you start delegating, you’ll have to remember who is doing what.

So, my advice is this: Start organizing now. Don’t wait until your business is a beast, unruly and unkempt. Tame it while it’s still a baby so it can grow into an organized adult. This might mean learning how to work a new app, setting yourself reminders or even investing in something like software when you might not think you need it yet.

Sure, it’s easier to wait and leave it be right now. But trust me: You don’t want a tornado hitting your to-do list. If it does, it’ll probably look something a bit like my desk, and that is chaos nobody desires.

Heather is the editor for Box Pro Magazine. Contact her at