Optimizing the Value of Time

Value of Time

In 2001, Chris Cooper recalled booking 13 training clients in the span of one day. And it was horrible, he said.

“The last client in line is not getting my best, no way,” explained Cooper, the owner of CrossFit Catalyst. Plus, while the $260 he made in that one day was great, it wasn’t something he could keep up. And, training 13 hours in a single day was the max. Cooper would not make any more than $260 in one 24 hour period with his current personal training methods.

“How can we optimize the value of time? And that’s my key area of interest, is maximizing what you can earn while minimizing the time you spend,” Cooper explained.

Catalyst and Cooper have come a long way since 2001. However, Cooper hasn’t given up on the personal training model. In fact, he’s revitalized it with his new venture, Zecutive, an online training site tailored for executives.

It started with a few high-value clients. For example, Cooper spoke of a client trained by one of his Two Brain Business partners. The client would spend $2,000 on personal training each month. This included a car to and from the gym, as well as lunches prepared and delivered to the executive’s office. “What we teach is to identify what the client actually wants, before you decide what service to give them,” said Cooper.

So, using the Trainerize app as the platform, Cooper launched Zecutive in 2016. Currently, he is now looking to launch it in a hotel chain in the U.S. That would allow him to offer daily workout videos, workout concierges who lead daily runs out of the hotel, and optional personal training.

In general, Cooper said looking to use technology in the gym is something Affiliates need to take advantage of more often. “The whiteboard is awesome. I love it. It’s not gone away from Catalyst, but there’s so much more tech available right now to objectively measure fitness,” said Cooper.

Even more than that, technology gives Coaches data that they can use to sell members on their gym. Cooper said most CrossFit gym owners aren’t great at selling themselves. “So if somebody comes in and they’re comparing you against bar studio and weight watchers where they’re met with people with sales training, and you don’t look confident in your product, you’re offering discounts, immediately you go, ‘Nah, this sounds half baked,’” explained Cooper. “If you’ve got some kind of data that can do the selling for you, it’s awesome.”

Heather is the editor for Box Pro Magazine. Contact her at heather@peakemedia.com.