Open Celebration Tips for Your Box

How will your Box celebrate the Open?

With the Open only a couple of weeks out, it’s time to identify what you want from your first Open WOD. Are you looking to develop a location for your athletes to perform and get ready for Regionals or the Games, or are you doing it for your everyday athletes to enjoy and compete internally?

Regardless of your mission, you’re probably going about your setup the right way in terms of the workouts. However, for those of you that are focusing on your everyday member athletes, and looking to develop an Open WOD to remember, here are some tips from Allison Truscheit, the co-owner of CrossFit Synapse in North Hollywood, California, who has thrown WOD Open parties previously:

1) Schedule/Organize the Events: We do them on Saturday mornings. No stress from work, no beating traffic, families can come, etc. Heats are scheduled the Wednesday before, and people who aren’t signed up can still participate as long as they alert me by Tuesday. All individuals not signed up get the first heats, with the signed up competitors competing in the last heats.

2) Themes: All events have themes/costumes. This year our themes are: 80’s/90’s dance party, Beach Party, St. Patrick’s Day, Jungle Fever and Synapse Pride.

3) All themes have food/drink to go with them for afterwards — i.e., we’re having a local paleo ice cream truck come for the Beach Party, and a Synapse cake for the last one. We do BBQ by donation.

4) We do not have prizes for beating each other, but we do have celebrations for those that place worldwide. We put an emphasis on the Open being a celebration of the global CrossFit community, not an opportunity to do shitty reps and beat each other.

The Open is a great time to show your member athletes a little extra love. Most likely they’ve spent a lot of time perfecting WODs at your facility in preparation. When the Open rolls around, show them how much they mean to you by throwing an excellent Open WOD celebration.

Tyler is a former editor of Box Pro Magazine.