Is Online Coaching Right For Your Box?

Is Online Coaching for you

At Hardbat CrossFit in Newark, Deleware, they are reaching a much larger population than just the people who live in their community. On top of their daily CrossFit schedule held in-house, they also offer online coaching for athletes, living in other places across the country, looking to up their game in the competition world.

Derek Batman, owner of Hardbat CrossFit, started the offering as a way to get their name and brand spread further and faster.

“We are starting to create national level lifters and CrossFit athletes,” said Batman. “Anytime you can get brand recognition it doesn’t make sense not to push it outside of your own walls.”

The structure of the online coaching is formatted on a private Facebook group that athletes pay $100 a month to be added to. There they are coached and advised by staff at Hardbat CrossFit on form, workouts and any questions or concerns they may have.

“It’s a Facebook group that essentially acts as a messaging board where athletes are able to communicate,” said Batman. “They can talk through the troubles they may be having amongst one another, post their numbers on a daily basis, communicate with me and have a Coach there to asses and mediate when needed. They can also post videos of their lifts or gymnastics movements for critiquing.”

CrossFit Hardbat specializes in competitive athletes. They offer a competitors programming class and a barbell club on top of their Daily WOD. They work heavily with athletes of traditional sports such as lacrosse, baseball and soccer, and put a majority of their focus on increasing their strength and agility.

Because of this, the online coaching structure is successful for them to reach a larger population of these athletes. Batman explained a Box that trains around this structure would also benefit from this offering.

“It’s not that we don’t have a general CrossFit class for anyone,” said Batman. “It’s just that we have additional services for people. Some gyms don’t run like that so I don’t know that the online business is for everybody. I think that if you have an online business for your general population, it can get a bit watered down because they typically need a lot more attention than an athlete who is seasoned of six or seven years of strength and conditioning.”


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