One Year Later in Madison


During the 2017 Reebok CrossFit Games, I found a Box toting that it was the closest Affiliate to the venue.

Of course, I reached out and met Barret Danz, the owner of CrossFit Big Dane. We chatted and I ended up scheduling to meet him for a podcast early Saturday morning. I remember sitting in his gym, a small space that was overflowing daily that week. We talked for an hour about the Games coming to Madison and his experience so far. I could tell it was stressful, but he loved it.

This year, I shot Danz another email about a follow up podcast while I was in town for the Games and met up with him once again. We redeemed our podcast by scheduling it in the afternoon – neither of us are morning people, which is evident in both episodes. And this year, the biggest difference was where we met.

Since I had met with him a year ago, Danz had moved his space into a large facility, complete with lobby, two large workout rooms, a yoga room, showers, etc. For drop-ins during the Game, his website no longer said you had to sign up and register prior to coming in; instead, it said, “Come, we will have room for you.” What a difference! Check out his space:

It was incredible to be sitting with Danz in a new space that he had only dreamed of before. We got to talk about how the Games experience is different from last year, how his space has transformed his business and how he as a business owner has grown.

So as you listen to the latest episode of Box Talk, be encouraged. A lot can happen in a year – in a good way. You never know what’s coming. Continue to work hard and invest; you might be surprised where you and your business are a year from now.

Heather is the editor for Box Pro Magazine. Contact her at