One Technology Director to Rule Them All

Don't let technology hinder you and your business.

Technology nearly runs our lives, so you can’t go wrong in getting tech savvy. But, not everybody has that talent, which is a problem if your business deals with the world of CrossFit.

This hitch was a reality during the early stages of Cherry City CrossFit in Salem, Oregon. However, it was solved quickly with the introduction of Nick Pritchett, the technology director at the Box.

Pritchett explained that his brother-in-law, Ryan Savage, had the initial idea to start the Box and his father, Terry Savage, joined in. “When they were starting the gym, they approached me and said ‘Would you be interested in building our [website] for us?’ So, I went ahead and did that, and it just happened organically from there,” said Pritchett.

Now in charge of email campaigns, marketing, the website and some social media aspects, Pritchett also oversees Wodify. The program helps the administration side of things, as well as tracking member progress and goals. Pritchett said using a system like it is essential to a Box as it streamlines a lot of the operations. “I can’t imagine not having something like Wodify,” he said. “Without that, you’re wasting a lot of time and energy, I think, not focusing on the Box because you’re spending so much effort trying to maintain these relationships with people.”

He explained he always had an interest in technology and a desire to learn, so he taught himself much of what he knows. Plus, technology has allowed both Pritchett and Terry Savage to live in Central Illinois, hundreds of miles from the Box’s actual location that Ryan Savage runs. Even with such a distance, Pritchett said the only hiccup they encounter is with paperwork — “That’s where technology rears it’s ugly head sometimes,” said Pritchett. Other than that, the distance hasn’t been a huge issue.

The Box has benefited by having someone in the technology director position. Both Ryan and Terry Savage can ask Pritchett questions about technology and count on him to take care of setting systems up. “It’s just easier for them to have somebody in this position that just says yeah, I’ll take care of it,” he said.

Pritchett said having a technology director is nothing short of beneficial and advised other Box’s to follow Cherry City’s lead. “If a Box is in a position to where they can pay somebody to do that, or find somebody that they can partner with, it’s a huge advantage to the owners and managers and Coaches because it really is a full-time job, especially if you get into social media, a website and all this stuff,” he said. “I guess that would be a bit of my advice is if you can put somebody in this position, by all means do that. It will only benefit you.”

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