One-On-One Sessions in Your Box

skill sessions

As Affiliates and Coaches, it’s easy to understand people like CrossFit because their workouts are programmed for them. And while small class settings are an added benefit, Barrett Danz said nothing beats one-on-one sessions.

When he opened CrossFit Big Dane in August 2015, Danz said he always intended to offer personal training hours or skill sessions. After conversations with his business mentor Chris Cooper and an athlete at Danz’s Box, the need for individual sessions at his gym was solidified. For the past year, the gym has offered 30-minute and 60-minute skill sessions, depending on what movement the client wants to address.

A year ago at CrossFit Ignis, members began realizing CrossFit was not enough to get them fit. Although Affiliate Kelli Johnson and the Coaches have always talked about nutrition, the Box’s members expressed a need for a bigger push to clean up their diet.

After the plea for more nutrition coaching, Johnson re-worked her skill sessions to include a nutrition and endurance program. “It’s kind of a cliché term, but we offer it à la carte. They can purchase a skill session by month. They can also purchase nutrition by month. And we do also specialize in endurance programing. The region that we live in, running is a huge thing where we are, so we try to capitalize on that as well,” explained Johnson.

The programing of any type of skill session needs to depend on both the demographic of the CrossFit Box and what an individual member is hoping to accomplish through skill sessions, according to Johnson.

Danz explained the key is to establish the significance of skill sessions to your members. Once athletes realize it’s worth their time and money to invest in one-on-ones, their confidence will grow alongside your Box’s revenue.

“It’s a program that’s going to add value to your members,” said Holly Leonard, the Affiliate of CrossFit Peabody. “It’s obviously going to enhance their skills, which is going to help them get more out of the workout. And I just see it more as in addition to the obvious revenue. I see it more as a retention because they’re getting a connection — whether it’s once a month or once a week — with a Coach, and they’re going to feel like the Coaches are invested in [their] success.”

Skill sessions at CrossFit Peabody are 30 minutes, but Leonard explained they utilize every second. And she only charges $35 each session. She recognized that CrossFit is out of the price range for a general segment of the population, so she wanted to offer skill sessions at an affordable price.

And even at that price, CrossFit Peabody has seen an average of $1,500 per month in revenue from skill sessions.

Danz priced his skills sessions using Cooper’s 4/9 system, which determines price based on a Coach’s experience and qualifications. In addition to the model, he offers higher discounts when larger skill session packages are purchased by a member.

However a Box decides to set the price of their skill sessions, Danz said it’s a program every Affiliate should offer. “Even if it’s just taking one skill session every couple of months per member, if you added that up, it’s an exponential amount of dollars. It all adds up at the end of the year, which can pay for a month’s rent or it can pay for your entire insurance payment or your Affiliate’s payment,” said Danz. And he recognized he can actually gain a profit during hours when there are not classes at CrossFit Big Dane.

Hayli Goode is the former digital editor for Peake Media.