One Man’s Environment is Another’s WOD

Using your environment to benefit the community.Have you ever shoveled a deck or sidewalk with two feet of snow on it? It’s hard work.

Growing up in Northern Michigan, I had my fair share of snow. I mean, we’d get snow days in May for crying out loud. Even brushing off the six inches of wet, white fluff from my car could be a workout. Not to mention scraping that thick layer of ice that usually covered the windshield.

So, when I saw how CrossFit Holistic in Sweden was using snow to get in their workout, you can imagine how I related to the story instantly. However, while I thought of shoveling as a chore, these CrossFitters voluntarily went out and cleared driveways to not just get stronger and fitter, but to help people in the community. And all they asked for in return was a cup of coffee.

I can imagine for those of you who are fortunate enough to be in the Northeast right now (or unfortunate enough, depending how you want to look at it), a snow WOD might be something to look into.

However, that doesn’t mean the rest of the Affiliates have to miss out. Perhaps the most powerful thing about CrossFit Holistic’s snow WODs are the fact they help the community. The athletes are using their skills and fitness to accomplish what others can’t. They are bettering those around them because of CrossFit.

And that is one of the roots of CrossFit, isn’t it? Improving the quality of life, not just for yourself but for your community.

What can you do that coincides with weather, the environment and the needs of the people that surround your Box? How can you get your members involved in snow WODs? How can you pursue fitness while bettering the community as a whole?

Like the Box CrossFit Anywhere (which I mentioned in one of my previous blogs), you can do CrossFit, well, anywhere. So, lift up your head and look around. Maybe these are things you are thinking about, but you don’t know how to implement your own version of snow WODs in your Box. Well, what’s the weather like by you? Could you help with gardening or yard work? Maybe someone on your street is moving. Who knows what other opportunities are out there just waiting to be taken advantage of.

Go ahead and get creative. Take in your current environment and see what you can do. Your members and community will probably love you for it.

Heather is the editor for Box Pro Magazine. Contact her at