High Octane Snacks You Can Back


Food is fuel for your irreplaceable human engine. Whether training for that next milestone, needing good calories to keep your motor running between meals, or even dealing with some health problems, we all need to take food-fuel more seriously. Often, when we do take our food seriously, we’re left with uninspiring, flavorless options that fit our needs but can’t replace our “want” for the crunchy snacks of our past. You know, the ones that put a smile on our face and a probably an inch or two on the waist? Or worse, participated in physical or digestive problems and more. It’s a void that can sabotage good habits and lead to missed goals and less motivation. With Bubba’s Fine Foods, there’s never been a more fun, healthful and delicious way to be serious about snacking.

These unique recipes are amazingly tasty and come in three different lines that are all gluten free, grain free and paleo with no refined sugars or cheap oils. Start with the original Snack Mix, which is everything Chex Mix® dreams it was. A blend of banana chips, cashews, pecans and savory spices make up three terrific flavors, including savory original, a vegan ranch and a smoky chipotle BBQ. The oat-free, bloat-free UnGranola uses coconut flakes, almonds and cashews to form an even better granola experience than you’ve tasted before, but this time without the grain pains. Last, but not least, comes three flavors of enticing ‘Nana Chips. And like all Bubba’s, these ‘Nana Chips’ don’t taste like bananas – that nutritional chip is the base for three exploding flavors of nacho, garlic parmesan and buffalo spice.

Believe it or not, Bubba’s uses only real ingredients to achieve these powerful tastes with not a trace you can’t pronounce. There’s not even murky “natural flavoring” listings because Bubba’s believes people “oughta know what they’re eating.” All the flavor comes from real high octane food that grows on plants, trees or in the dirt. Kind of like it was rockets and race cars.

Give a big, “Heck-yeah!” and seek some Bubba’s. You seriously can’t make a wrong turn with this new snack.

Bubba’s Fine Foods is a fast-growing snack brand based in Longmont, Colorado, near the home of the natural food explosion. This brand started from two brother-in-laws – one a gourmet chef and the other a CrossFit Coach – who each had their own health issues to deal with. They turned to the gluten free and paleo diets which resolved many of their problems, but they were left with no real food options to replace the crunchy snack craves they used to enjoy. Bubba’s has even more on the horizon. And since everything starts from just real, pure food, you can be sure these snacks will healthily fit every occasion and provide a wink and some fun doing it.

To learn more or inquire for wholesale pricing, visit bubbasfoods.com.