The Nutrition Outpost

Bringing nutrition to your members.

When Blair Morrison envisioned CrossFit Anywhere in Sacramento, California, he wanted it to be free of constraints.

“It kind of got started out of the idea that I wanted the gym to have an outdoor feel,” explained Morrison.

This desire is rooted in the fact Morrison did his master’s degree overseas. There weren’t many Boxes over there, so he found himself using anything he could get his hands on — sandbags, ropes, trees — to do his workouts. “That’s where the name came from, the idea that you can do this type of fitness anywhere,” he said.

Another aspect Morrison desires is to get members on proper nutrition concepts. That’s where MeatUp, a 100 percent paleo meals company based out of Sacramento, comes in. “We were approached by a sales representative for them, and what I liked about it specifically was that they weren’t depending on me to sell their product,” explained Morrison.

MeatUp simply wanted to use CrossFit Anywhere as an outpost. “My members have easy access to the food I want them to eat, but it’s still up to them to purchase it,” he said. “Other people that aren’t members that might order from MeatUp are forced to come through my doors to come get their food. And that’s an opportunity for them to be influenced into signing up.”

This is the primary goal for business growth. “For me there’s two sides to it,” said Morrison. “One, we may get a few new members, but the other thing is our members are getting access to this stuff very easily. They don’t have to go out of their way to get good meat. Even if I don’t get a new member out of it, and I only get our members eating the way they are supposed to eat, feeling better about themselves, their body, that’s good enough.”

The final step for Morrison is educating members into eating properly before they understand the ability of MeatUp. “We’ve tried a couple of different avenues,” said Morrison.

However, the best way he has found is to target people individually. For example, if one member is progressing, but not at the pace they’d like, he may ask about their diet and give tips to help them get on track, one of those being MeatUp. “I target someone individually and say, ‘I want you to give me a food log for the next week, show me exactly what you’re eating,’ and then show them in their life what needs to be improved,” said Morrison. “That’s been my most effective technique so far. It’s been a little more time consuming, but it seems to be better for the members.”

Tyler is a former editor of Box Pro Magazine.