Nutrition at CrossFit Nittany

CrossFit Nittany
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Nutrition is a tricky thing, but CrossFit Nittany has found a way to offer it.

Ann Lehman, the general manager at the Box in State College, Pennsylvania, sat down with Box Pro to share on what they have found to work in terms of a nutrition program at the gym:

Box Pro: First, can you describe your nutrition program to me? What does it look like?

Ann Lehman: We offer the Balanced Habits nutrition program. It includes a one-on-one nutrition coaching option, three 28-day KickStart programs each year and a corporate program offering. Each participant receives a personalized nutrition and exercise plan based on their initial measurements and current exercise schedule. We have several food coaches on staff who work with our clients.

BP: Why do you offer a nutrition program?

AL: We believe balanced nutrition is an essential part of a person’s overall health and this program complements our group training and personal training membership options within our gym.

BP: What has worked well about this nutrition program?

AL: Balanced Habits is super simple to follow and the plan lays everything out, from what to eat, how much and at what times. Our clients also have the added accountability of regular meetings with their food coach to keep them on track with achieving their nutrition-related goals.

BP: What are three to five things you’ve learned help a nutrition program succeed?

1. Testimonials and transformation photos from past participants.

2. Program simplicity leads to greater sustainability – it really is a balanced way to eat for life.

3. Access to meal planning tools and delicious, easy-to-make recipes – these are provided as part of the program.

4. Strong support from the program’s headquarters if using an existing program. The Balanced Habits team is top-notch.

BP: What should other gyms keep in mind when it comes to offering nutrition programs?

AL: Don’t reinvent the wheel. If a program exists, like Balanced Habits, that works for your clientele, it is worth the investment to have the support and resources available to you to hit the ground running with a solid nutrition program offering. 

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