Now Boarding

When athletes enter your Box, it’s vital you know how to on-board them.

“When new athletes come to Bluegrass, we focus first on teaching them the squats, presses and the Olympic lifts,” explained JoEllyn McAtee, the owner of CrossFit Bluegrass in Louisville, Kentucky. “We do this in a small group setting where they don’t feel rushed and can ask questions. If your athlete can understand the basics of those movements, all other movements can be related back to those lifts.”

CJ Martin, the owner of Invictus in San Diego, California, echoed the importance of understanding functions of each Box. “We also believe it is important for athletes who come through the doors to have a movement review, or test out session, to make sure they are comfortable with all the foundational movements and flow of our training sessions,” he said. “We want to ensure that we set up every athlete for success, and if they are coming in uncomfortable or unaware of how to properly perform the movements, they are more likely to be lost and discouraged.”

Invictus also has a membership director in Jen Martin, who helps members discover where they belong. “If new members feel connected they will be happy,” explained CJ Martin. “We believe all of our Coaches can help any and every athlete grow in their skills and lifts, so it is up to the atmosphere and vibe of the gym to keep them coming back for more.”

CrossFit Regeneration has all athletes enter its month-long Foundations for Fantastic Fitness class. “We start them all out with simple concepts and movements and move through the month into more and more complexity,” explained Charlie Sims, the owner of Regeneration. “We organized the class to orient a new athlete around all the basics of movement and mobility in a controlled, unhurried environment so that they have time to create habits.”

Develop a strategy for bringing in new members and growing your gym.

Tyler is a former editor of Box Pro Magazine.