No Boundaries on Programs

No Boundaries

While CrossFit forms the base of what is offered at CrossFit No Boundaries, it isn’t the only program the gym has on its weekly schedule.

Jeremy Illenberger, the owner of the gym in San Juan Capistrano, California, said although his business doesn’t specialize in anything, it also doesn’t stop at just having general preparedness programming.

Since opening in 2011, different opportunities and programs have presented themselves to Illenberger. He has pursued several, including working with a recovery program and digging into the corporate side of things.

Each requires various coaching techniques, specific programming and more. Illenberger broke down the offerings he has in addition to his general CrossFit classes:

Substance Abuse and Recovery Company:

Illenberger partners with a substance abuse and recovery company that moved into the same commercial complex as his Box. He had prior experience working with troubled kids of a not-for-profit school that had been located close by before it closed.

Based on that experience, Illenberger was able to offer his services to the substance abuse and recovery company. Both men and women are brought over to CrossFit No Boundaries as part of their 30 to 90 day recovery program. From time spent coaching this group, Illenberger offered up key observations he has found helps it run successfully:

  • Those who come to the gym aren’t mandated to do so, said Illenberger. He only wants those in the recovery program who want to be there. If people in the program are forced to come to his gym, it can ruin the dynamic of the entire recovery class.
  • Digging deep into their waivers, and beyond, is a must. He explained he and his Coaches have to make sure they are aware of surgeries, existing health conditions, etc. which may mean asking people tough questions, as they don’t always put everything on the waiver.
  • The recovery program takes a bit of psychology. Illenberger said it’s like a seed is planted and you have to water it every day by being present as a Coach and keeping the class engaged through a lively, encouraging atmosphere.


A member of CrossFit No Boundaries started his own company and Illenberger had the opportunity to run the company’s fitness program from the beginning. For the last three years, he has coached classes at the corporation for its employees. And he’s learned a couple of things in the process:

  • You can’t advertise or pound the pavement to fill the class if numbers start to dwindle. A company has only so many employees, of which only so many want to do CrossFit. Illenberger said you eventually hit the ceiling.
  • With only three days a week coaching at the company, Illenberger has had to modify his gym’s CrossFit programming, which is on a five-day schedule.


Illenberger said one day he got talking to Logan Gelbrich of DEUCE Gym about his Strongman program. Soon after, Illenberger began running the course.

While it’s not something you would run for a full year — rather just six or eight weeks — Illenberger said he sees huge benefits in offering it. “For the general population, it has tremendous value,” he said, explaining it can change up the stimulus for athletes.

But even with all of these various programs, that doesn’t mean Illenberger is stepping away from CrossFit. The fitness regimen still remains at the core of his business, and for good reason. “I think at this point in time in the history of the world there hasn’t been any better organization or structure outside of what CrossFit is for a mass population,” he said.

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