Nine Things to Consider Before Buying Affiliate Gym Software

Choosing software.

Selecting Affiliate management software is a big decision. With so many options out there, it’s easy to get buried in the details and find yourself with a solution that doesn’t meet all your needs. To help you avoid such a mistake, we created a list of the most important things you need to consider when evaluating software to run your Box. If you use this list of questions during you evaluation process, you’ll end up with the perfect software for your Affiliate.

  1. How easy is it to use the software?

Adopting a new software solution can be a daunting task. It’s important to find a solution that 
is easy to learn and use. You and your team should be able to transition to your new software
in a matter of hours or days and have your onboarding done by people who understand and love CrossFit.

  1. Will the software help me run my business?

Your software should simplify running your business and grow with you as you become more successful. Having the ability to customize your dashboard and all your features to work specifically for your business will save you time and make running your business easy.

  1. Can I automate my payment processing?

Your software solution must make it easy for your students to pay you. If it’s not easy for them, they’re at risk of canceling their membership and moving to another gym. But if payments are automatic, the monthly decision point of continuing a membership doesn’t exist. Automated payments also mean you’re not chasing members down to collect money or losing revenue due to uncollected payments. You’re also saving a ton of time by not shuffling through spreadsheets or dealing with bank deposits.

  1. Can I send customizable automated emails?

Automating your emails drastically cuts down on your admin time and ensures you always stay connected with your prospects and members. But to truly be useful, you need software that allows you to customize your automations to work for your business.

  1. Will the software integrate with my website?

A great software solution will allow you to embed key member self-service features into your website. From your class schedule to retail sales functionality, you should be able to integrate the key elements of your member interactions into your website.

  1. Can I easily get a snapshot of my business?

Relying on spreadsheets to track your important business and athlete information can quickly become overwhelming. You need to easily run reports, organize information and perform functions that you simply can’t do using spreadsheets. Customizable reports that allow you to analyze your membership base, attendance and referral sources all take you to the next level and help you achieve so much more than you could without software. 

  1. Is there Workout Tracking?

Recording WOD results and measuring athlete growth is at the heart of what you do. So you need software that supports your athletes’ efforts with workout tracking. The ability to create custom WODs and use your workout tracking on any screen or device you choose allows you to make the feature uniquely yours. Keep in mind workout tracking is only a portion of what your comprehensive software should be able to do. You need more administrative features in order to make the software a powerful business tool.

  1. What types of alerts or automations are available?

Automations and alerts allow you to work smarter and will end up saving you countless hours each week. They also help you convert more prospects and keep you and your staff on top of issues before they arise. Be sure to select software that offers robust automations and alerts. Some key automations and alerts to look for include credit card expiration alerts and emails, prospect inquiry emails, and new students in class alerts.

  1. What support is available?

We all know the difference good service makes. Especially when the customer service you deliver to your members relies on the support you receive from your software provider. That’s why you need a software company that provides seven days a week access to a team of knowledgeable CrossFit experts who genuinely care about your business.


Michelle Burrows is the VP of Marketing at Zen Planner. Contact her at 866.541.3570 or