New Equipment Nuggets

New equipment

Shiny new toys elicit excitement whether you are 10 years old or 68. There’s just something about the new aspect that turns us all into kids.

New equipment can invoke this kind of response in your members as well. “[I] bought five bikes about a year ago and everyone was very excited to see new toys in the gym,” said Eric Conner, owner of CrossFit Reform in Rancho Santa Margarita, California. He continued, jokingly, “While they were excited, they were also partially stressed because some of them knew the pain that was coming.”

Conner said since opening one and a half years ago, he has been particular about his equipment. “From the start I have been really anal about the quality of equipment we have at CrossFit Reform and made sure to purchase top quality so that it held up well,” he said.

For this reason, Conner hasn’t had too much in terms of purchasing new equipment for his Box. However, he did note that when it comes to investing, he suggested to keep in mind foam rollers, boxes, barbell collars and barbells.

“You should always invest in new equipment to make sure your quality is top notch,” said Conner. “That does not mean that you need to use a new barbell every session, but just keeping an eye on the wear and tear on all items, and being relentless in the quality you offer to members.”

And to keep it all organized, Conner has a way to decipher his needs versus his wants. “I have a spreadsheet on my computer of “want” and “need” items, and when there are some extra funds, I typically move through that “need” column,” he said.

Overall, new equipment comes back to not only investing in your physical business, but your membership as well. Like Conner said, his members notice whenever anything bright and shiny is added, and they love it. “New equipment can help excite the members,” said Conner. “It’s always nice to have a little positive change from time to time, and it shows the members that you are reinvesting in them.”

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