A Network of 24/7 Gym Access

24/7 Gym Access

A few weeks ago, we shared the story of Main Gate CrossFit’s 24/7 offering. It was an operation on a small scope and has worked successfully for them. This week, we are highlighting the same type of offering but one that operates on a national level.

Leaving a key under the mat wasn’t an option for Philip Tabor. But neither was forgoing 24/7 access.

Tabor, a co-owner of CrossFit Coordinate in Cary, North Carolina, saw a need for it prior to becoming an Affiliate owner. To him, it added value to an expensive membership, especially to those who had trouble getting to more than three classes a week. “We wanted to get people in as much as we could and see their fitness grow because we believe you need to work out five to six days a week,” he shared.

With that idea in mind, Tabor jumped onboard with Hybrid Athletes Foundation.

It’s a network of Boxes across the nation — currently sitting at approximately 60 gyms — that all have 24/7 access. Tabor was the seventh gym that joined and hasn’t looked back since. “Our members got access to not only our gym, but they can also travel and get access to other gyms,” he shared.

It works via an app. When an Affiliate joins, they get a customized homepage. From there, they have the power to allow or deny members access to the 24/7 ability. If a member is turned on via the app, they can approach the gym door and within three feet can then unlock it via the app on their phone.

As for selling the option, the owner can choose if 24/7 access is an upsell or a free add on, depending on how they want to offset the $175 per month cost of joining Hybrid. Tabor upsells it at $25 per member on top of their membership; currently, 30 members pay for it, giving him a boost in revenue he otherwise wouldn’t have seen.

“We have been doing it for almost two years and have seen a huge revenue spike,” he shared. “Most importantly, we have seen the fitness of our community improve because our members can get in on the weekend when we are closed.”

A 911 button is located in the app and Tabor said they have yet to have any serious problems with negligent members across the netowrk. Plus, if you’re in the network, you can drop in to a network gym. The owner has the ability to deny you access however, encouraging you instead to come in and meet him or her before he/she allows you access to the facility. In fact, members get five free drop-ins a month via Hybrid.

All in all, Tabor said the offering has increased his value as a gym, allowed them to reach members they otherwise wouldn’t have and has given his members access to a network of gyms when they travel.

And ultimately, it’s keeping people pouring into their fitness and staying committed to CrossFit. “We understand some people just can’t make the class every day,” said Tabor. “We found when people were missing class, they were going out and doing other things and then eventually quit CrossFit.”

Heather is the editor for Box Pro Magazine. Contact her at heather@peakemedia.com.