Why You Need Scheduling Software

scheduling software

Nick Rybinski, the owner of CrossFit Petram in Newark, Delaware, dives into the issue of scheduling software, why he uses it and how you can implement it at your gym:

BP: Why would you recommend Affiliates look into scheduling apps/software?

NR: Scheduling software has given us the ability to systematize our consultation process. Since we have multiple locations with multiple Coaches conducting them, it’s important I am able to know exactly who’s available and at what time. Whether leads come in via phone, in-person or through our website, they are scheduled in and get automated emails about their appointments.

BP: How do you go about using your own scheduling app/software? How has this process evolved over time?

NR: We only use the scheduling software for leads. We were hesitant at first because we thought it seemed too automated, but we are able to follow up to scheduled appointments and give it a personal touch. We’ve also learned to integrate our scheduling software, Acuity, with our management software. We use Zapier to do that. This is also used to start and stop email campaigns when people sign up.

BP: How has it benefited you to use this technology?

NR: Acuity keeps all appointments, lead name and numbers, and other details in one place. We used to just use pen and paper, which was ineffective at best, and cost us tons of money in missed follow-ups at worst. Now everything is automated and we can track how many appointments we conducted, who took them and see how many new memberships were generated from those.

BP: Do you have any key things other owners can look at to assess the different choices out there?

NR: I think ease of use needs to be No. 1. If you have multiple Coaches using it and new Coaches coming in regularly, there shouldn’t be a large learning curve. Instead it should be simple. This leads to better communication and less mishaps. After that, you need to see what fits your budget and particular circumstances. If you have only one Coach doing appointments, or have a 10-person team, you will probably need different features.

BP: Anything else to add on scheduling apps/softwares?

NR: We use it primarily for leads, but this can be used for personal training appointments and other add-on services. Shop around and find the solution that fits your needs; most come with free trials. You should have one; just find the one that’s best for you.

Heather is the editor for Box Pro Magazine. Contact her at heather@peakemedia.com.