Narrow Your Focus: A Lesson from Regionals


This weekend I went to the 2018 Central Regionals in Nashville, Tennessee.

I went with a small group from my gym. We spent our time watching athletes get their fitness on, perusing the various vendors in the space and simply enjoying one another’s company.

While the feats of fitness performed by some of the best athletes around was incredible to behold, I was also similarly impressed with the volunteers. I know I’ve talked about how CrossFit runs its events before, but it’s so impressive I can’t help but write about it again.

As soon as a heat ended, the event staff – made up of volunteers, including a friend of mine – flooded the competition floor. They all had very specific jobs.

For example, they had eight people working to change the name tags on the giant rig. In groups of four, each sub team was responsible for five tag changes. One person held the ladder that another climbed on to reach the signs. Then one volunteer collected the old signs and another separate volunteer handed the person on the ladder the new signs. Eight people to change 10 name tags. However, the quick turnaround times were made possible because of this.

It reminded me a lot of Henry Ford’s invention of the assembly line. Rogue implemented that concept at Regionals, and everything flowed seamlessly. After all, if you want your team to be really good at something, they need to have fewer responsibilities.

Now, I know that’s hard for you Affiliate, being a small business owner with a variety of hats to wear. I’m sure the team you have is small and is also responsible for a lot. But that doesn’t mean it’s the best thing. In fact, I talked with an owner last week who shared how her doing it all was detrimental to her business. Her and her business partner recently sat down to draw up specific roles, and both of their potential for burnout has significantly lessened.

So while you can’t have hundreds of staff, each with one specific job, I think you still can take the idea of specificity away from Regionals and apply it to your business. CrossFit is all about being unspecified in fitness; but your gym and running it is a different story. You need to be good at running a business, Affiliate. Your Coaches need to be good at coaching. Your front desk staff should be great at sales.

It’s time to narrow in your focus in order to better your business.

Heather is the editor for Box Pro Magazine. Contact her at