NapTown’s 92 Days of Wellness

The hot topic around CrossFit NapTown for the coming few months will be nutrition.

Manager and lead coach at Naptown, Hudson Wikoff, said the Box is part of what is referred to as a 92 Day Wellness Challenge — promoting the positive affects proper nutrition can produce alongside CrossFit training.

Wikoff first started experimenting with nutrition after graduating from college and gaining 25 pounds. He has since achieved individual representation at the 2016 CrossFit Central Regionals and qualified for a top spot at the 2016 Granite games. CrossFit Naptown was just another avenue for him to learn about nutrition.

“There has been a time or two that we’ve had a vegan come through our CrossFit foundations program and inquired how to get enough protein to sustain and build muscle,” Wikoff explained. “At that time I had no idea how to answer that question. Since then I have been on a mission to learn as much as I can about food and the way it affects the body to help as many people as possible.”

Starting in January, the challenge will cover three different diet plans, each lasting 30 days – Whole30, plant based, and members’ choice for the third and final month.

There are planned cheat days/transition days from one to the other, which accounts for the two extra days in the 92 Day Wellness Challenge’s name.

“With the new development of NapTown Nutrition, a part of NapTown Fitness, we are hoping to help people reach their health goals on all fronts,” said Wikoff.

In addition to having CrossFit NapTown on board, the challenge is also being backed by Myo-Fit Therapy, who Wikoff said can offer people real numbers on paper through InBody composition scans.

The challenge is open to anyone, not just NapTown members, and Wikoff lended some advice to Box owners who may be trying to reach non-members.

“Utilize the network within your reach. We have many members that work in large companies spread throughout the city,” he said. “Finding those members that can be your mavens and getting others to join the movement is crucial.”

He added that building content and staying present on social media is a must for reaching a new audience. For the challenge, the hashtags #92DayWellnessChallenge and #EmpowerThroughNutrition are being utilized to connect anyone interested in joining the effort.

Selena was a previous staff writer for Peake Media.