My Takeaways from FuBarbell’s Seminar

FuBarbell Seminar

A couple weekends ago, I told a friend I could not meet her for lunch because I had to drive to another state to film a weightlifting seminar — an excuse I never thought I’d give, let alone a sentence I never thought I’d mutter.

My friends lifted weights in high school and college, whereas I stuck to endurance training and bodyweight workouts. The fact that filming others lifting barbells, and now even lifting a few heavy ones myself, is a friendly reminder that Someone greater than myself has an ironic sense of humor.

Nonetheless, I spent a weekend filming a FuBarbell weightlifting seminar at CrossFit Retaliation in Columbus, Indiana.

Also, ironically, I hail from Columbus, Indiana. Besides two CrossFit Boxes, and 2015 Games Athlete Nicole Holcomb, Columbus’ knowledge of CrossFit is slim to none. I had to ask the Affiliate, Jase Robinson, how he managed to get Diane Fu to the small, Midwestern town.

“It was relentless emails,” explained Robinson. He and his business partner, Dree McNear, emailed Diane Fu “a lot” asking her to come out to their Box in Indiana. “I think she finally just grew tired and was like, ‘OK, I’ll come if you leave me alone.’” joked Robinson.

On Sunday, April 9, 2016, Fu flew into Indianapolis, Indiana, and drove 45 minutes south to CrossFit Retaliation, where 14 Affiliates, Coaches and athletes flocked from various states to learn from her.

While it was great to re-acquaint myself with filming video, and learn a few tips to improve my Snatch and Clean and Jerk from an expert, I was mostly impressed by the pursuit of knowledge that completely took over the Box.

As Fu moved from person to person, she not only offered tips on how to improve a lift or foot placement, she filmed the students so they can better see what they were doing. And she answered questions and provided coaching cues for when the Affiliates take these into their own Box. Those who came to the seminar knew they had an expert in front of them, and took advantage of the opportunity to learn from her.

The same could be said for why I was attending a weightlifting seminar in the first place. Since working for Box Pro, I’ve been able to stretch my limbs, if you will, as a journalist. I’ve not only been able to educate myself further on multimedia aspects and storytelling, but I’ve been able use resources around me — my coworkers, tutorials and conferences — to gain more insight on a subject I’m passionate about. And in CrossFit, I’ve used experts — my own Affiliate, Coaches from all over the nation and CrossFit HQ blogs ­— to educate myself on an industry I consider myself borderline obsessive about. After all, the first rule of CrossFit is to always talk about CrossFit.

As an Affiliate or Coach, your passion is obviously in the sport of CrossFit. But what other aspects could you explore to better your business? And once you establish those secondary interests, whom will you relentlessly email to educate yourself on that subject?

Look out next week for the exclusive video on FuBarbell!

Hayli Goode is the former digital editor for Peake Media.