Moving on Up

Moving entails a lot of packing, brute strength and even a few emotional breakdowns. However, if you go into the move with a detailed plan it can make the process much more enjoyable.

Garth Kunkle, a co-owner of CrossFit Harrisonburg in Harrisonburg, Virginia, has recently found relief and success from a well-thought out move to a new, larger location. They recently upgraded from a 3,2000-square-foot facility to 8,000 square feet with three distinct areas where they can offer specialty classes or open gym without interfering with their normal schedule.

Kunkle recommended making a move during a holiday weekend, or at a time when not a lot of people will be able to workout. They chose Labor Day weekend. He also advised getting as much done ahead of time as possible to avoid problems.

“We closed the Friday of Labor Day weekend at lunch and we had classes again on Monday morning,” said Kunkle. “Since it was a new facility we spent a lot of time planning the move. We had the floor layout all done. I also had the pull up rig done. We had it all planned ahead of time and knew what we were moving first and where it was going. We had tons of members help us and we knocked it out in about six hours.”

Moving also means new neighbors, and getting to know them can save you future hassle. CrossFit Harrisonburg had a few run-ins at their previous location with angry tenants living in the apartments above their gym. They made sure at their current location their neighbors weren’t going to have a problem with the noise of weights constantly hitting the ground.

“Before we moved, my partner and I took weights and barbells and went out to the new location,” said Kunkle. “We got the owner and the office staff of the real estate office next to us and said, ‘Look before we sign a lease we want everybody fully onboard with what we do or any noise we might make.’ We went through that process just to make sure we weren’t going to be intrusive on what they were doing.”

Thankfully, the noise was fine with the office workers and the new location became a reality for CrossFit Harrisonburg. Kunkle advised others looking to move to a new location not to settle until you find a place that meets all the needs you have for a long-term stay.

“At our new location the parking is ideal, which we needed,” said Kunkle. “Our other location was downtown with parking across the street, which was a little more cumbersome. We were looking for more parking in close proximity, more outdoor programming opportunities and to avoid any kind of noise conflict.”

Moving to a new location can also be a way to bring potential new members to your Box. Marketing the move on social media platforms can get the word out and start an exciting buzz in the community.

“Social media was our biggest outlet about letting people know about the move,” said Kunkle. “We just started blasting all our platforms with pictures of the construction as it moved along to get everyone hyped up about the move.”

Kaitlyn is a staff writer for Peake Media. Contact her at