Mobilize your Bottom-Line

Education Courses

Healthy and engaged members are one of the best advertisements for an Affiliate. These members are the most likely to see significant results and they are often enthusiastic ambassadors to the outside world. A primary goal of every Affiliate owner should be to ensure more members fall into this group. An effective way to achieve this goal is by making mobility education and practices a priority at your Box.

Why is this? Many CrossFit movements require a degree of mobility that most of the population does not have. Correctly performing these functional movements without the required mobility is difficult. New members trying to learn these movements can get frustrated. Continuing to try to master these movements without the requisite mobility increases their risk of injury. By incorporating mobility into your programming, you give members the knowledge and tools they need to succeed in CrossFit.

Ensuring your Coaches are properly trained in mobility and incorporating mobility into their coaching is only one of the paths you should pursue. You should also implement mobility workouts — dedicated 45-minute mobility sessions — into your programming. Warm-up and recovery are important components of mobility practice, but a successful mobility program requires the dedicated time that long mobility sessions provide. Correcting the muscle imbalances, tension and tightness built up over years is not easy. Getting mobility back requires dedicated work over time.

What are the benefits of doing this? New members do not always understand the lifestyle changes required to see results. Their ability to properly move will often determine whether or not they see progress toward their goals or get frustrated and quit. Mobility work as part of your Box’s culture opens up new opportunities for engaging these members. Coaches with mobility knowledge can prescribe mobility homework for new members that targets their imbalance. New members will see the immediate benefits of moving better and feeling better even as their body is adjusting to the new demands.

If you do not already have a mobility program implemented in your Box, a good way to jump-start the process is to host a mobility clinic. A variety of mobility seminars, clinics and workshops are available, offered by a growing number of qualified Coaches, trainers and companies. Research these offerings and select one (or more) to come into your Affiliate to help you mobilize your members. The knowledge and experience your members and Coaches gain when you do this will provide immediate benefits. You will see fewer injuries, less muscle imbalances, better movement patterns and ultimately more members attaining physical goals. The health benefits are fantastic, but another benefit is the increased member engagement these opportunities create.

There are several important factors to consider when choosing which mobility course to host. Member demographics should be carefully considered. What are the ages and general fitness levels of your membership? What goals do your members have? What kind of mobility work is already incorporated into your programming? What mobility knowledge do your Coaches have? What additional knowledge do they need? Do you want to develop your own in-house expertise or do you want to partner with an outside resource to provide it? Answering all of these questions requires thought and research, but the benefits are worth it.

Hosting a mobility clinic or seminar provides a structure for members and staff to learn and experience mobility, while giving you feedback to help you evaluate your needs and determine what works for your Box. Implementing mobility practice improves the way your members feel and the way they move. This results in increased gains, more PR’s and a happier community — all signs of a successful Affiliate.

By Eugene Oktaybrskiy, Director of Marketing atThe KnotOut Enterprises. Contact Eugene at