MobilityPacks a Unique Way to Represent Your Box


Custom Fit Factory Gear MobilityPacks are a great way to promote your brand and show that it is worth paying attention to your Box. Standard apparel like t-shirts for your members is great, but they only get worn every few days at best. Get the ultimate fitness backpack and know that it will get used every single day, in and out of the gym. This means people will be seeing your name everywhere and will associate it with a high quality product.

Get custom packs for your elite athletes and stock them as merchandise for the rest of your members to set yourself apart. And the best part? Fit Factory will embroider your logo at no extra charge if you order 10 packs or more.

The MobilityPack features external shoe storage and foam roller straps, meaning you have full interior storage available for all your other gear. With 32 pounds of available storage, you can fit a weekend’s worth of clothes, knee sleeves, weight belt, towels and whatever else you might need in the pack. There is also a dirty clothes compartment that is anti-microbial lined. You can work out in the morning, throw your dirty clothes into that pouch, and the rest of your gear stays dry and odor free all day long.

Comfortable, durable and designed for athletes, MobilityPacks even has great feedback from Games level athletes … It’s worth checking out the website.