Giving Your Members Success

Last time we talked, the topic of goals was discussed. I would like to continue that discussion, but this time in terms of your members.

Over the past couple of days, this has been a hot topic. In fact, I’ve seen quite a few good ideas on how to help members set and achieve goals. Brick CrossFit shared this photo of its blackboard on Instagram:

Photo of Brick CrossFit's blackboard.















Frankly, the color of it alone makes it inviting. Plus, by members sharing their goals and making them public, they are probably more able to reach them. If member Bob knows you want to get your muscle ups by 2016, Bob is most likely going to notice if you don’t. Neither you nor I want Bob giving us a hard time because we didn’t reach our goal. And I’m sure Bob doesn’t want us coming after him if he fails to achieve handstand pushups. Though it can be scary to put your goals out there for all to see — I mean, who wants to have a chance of failing in front of your whole Box — it can also be motivating. Sharing with your members not only how they can stay accountable but why they should helps them understand the importance of it.

Another Box, CrossFit Harpoon, shared this photo on Facebook:

CrossFit Harpoon's shared graph.


It breaks down for members real, achievable goals that they can set. For example, I’m still a beginner, maybe meandering into the intermediate realm every once in awhile. So, my goal is going to be pull-ups. Like actual, strict pull-ups without a band. Scary, but something I really want to achieve. Although this graph is a bit confusing and full of a lot of information, it still gives members a closer estimate at achievable goals. Besides, if they achieve a goal sooner than planned, they can then set another and go from there! I know sometimes I have no idea what goals I should set for myself because I either a) think they might be too easy or b) think they might be too hard. Having a starting point would be incredibly helpful.

So, whether it be on Facebook or an actual blackboard like Brick CrossFit, maybe it’s time to get your members posting their goals so that by year’s end, they can achieve them. Or, give them tools like CrossFit Harpoon’s that breaks down where they are and where they can go. Give your members the equipment, literally and metaphorically, to help them achieve all they can.

But, most importantly let them know you believe in them. That can be the best tool of all.

Heather is the editor for Box Pro Magazine. Contact her at