From Medicine to Acting to CrossFit Sunset

CrossFit Sunset

Ty Vincent’s beginnings were medicine and acting, but both led him to CrossFit in their own way.

Time as a physician’s assistant in emergency medicine and trauma showed him his fitness passion. Acting took him to Los Angeles where he soon became bored with traditional bodybuilding methods of working out.

In 2008, Vincent read a small article on CrossFit, inspiring him to search out the nearest Box. It turned out to be CrossFit Hollywood, owned by Andy Thompson. “What I didn’t realize was that Andy and I used to work together at Gold’s Gym, that it was that Andy,” remembered Vincent. “So, I walked in and he was like ‘wait a minute, what are you doing here?’ I was like, well, I wanted to try this out. And I was like, what are you doing here, and he was like ‘I own the place.’”

Fast-forward to 2012, Vincent had been a Coach at CrossFit Hollywood for three years when he approached Thompson about wanting to open a new Box. The CrossFit Hollywood Affiliate was all for it and even helped Vincent find his space in Echo Park. “For about three years I got to work underneath Andy and learn so much from him and the other Coaches that were there for experience; and I really got to grow my own craft and continued on,” said Vincent. “At that three year mark, I was like I want to branch out; not that I didn’t love CrossFit Hollywood — it was my home — but I knew I didn’t want to work for someone else.”

CrossFit Sunset has been open for a little over two years. When asked what sets his Box apart, Vincent brought up his past. “Since I started out in a medical background, I definitely have an advantage over a lot of head Coaches and owners who choose to only deal with CrossFit,” he said. “So in other words, they haven’t really broadened their spectrum or focused on things like basic anatomy.”

This focus has trickled down to Vincent’s Coaches as he believes they should understand the human body and physiology. Additionally, he encourages each Coach to become well-rounded and to continue their education, sticking with Glassman’s philosophy of technique, consistency and then intensity when it comes to coaching athletes.

On top of quality coaching, Vincent also sought a quality space. While he did admit he didn’t want to be “super fancy,” he did work with an actual designer to have order and flow in CrossFit Sunset’s loft structure.

But, none of this came without patience and passion. Those were Vincent’s key ingredients to success. “It’s OK to be upset and just have days where you’re like, get me the hell out of here; I have those,” said Vincent. “We all do. But, at the same point you’ve got to have more fun than not, otherwise it’s just a waste of your time and energy … go do something else, something that you enjoy doing. That’s the big thing. You have to enjoy doing this.”

Photos by Morgan Ayres

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