Box Pro Media Kit

2018 Peake Media Exposure Guide

Welcome to Box Pro Magazine. So you’ve discovered CrossFit and found a buyer for your products through Affiliates. We commend your idea and we are here to provide you with the best opportunity for your marketing budget.

Box Pro Magazine has discovered a need from Affiliates to learn and continuously be educated in magazine and digital form. In the first year we have profiled some of the top Affiliates in the industry including Jason Khalipa, Josh Newman and Juliet Starrett. The response we received from Affiliates from around the country was ecstatic.

We learned in the first year that our readers are looking for business resources to help them operate day-to-day, but they are also in need of help from suppliers. In its early days Affiliates have operated with minimal suppliers to their industry, but now they are looking for help from our magazine, and our advertisers.

Why do you need to advertise in Box Pro Magazine? Because we are the only Affiliate business resource in the world. Our mission is to help grow and improve this industry with every written word, or recorded video. If you are committed to reaching Affiliates and you want them to know about your product, you need to be found inside the pages of Box Pro Magazine.

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Rico Francis