Measuring Value

No one likes paying for a product or service without knowing what they’re getting.

Jaime Gallagher, owner and head coach of CrossFit Burke, and his team have found a way to help make sure their potential clients never feel like they’re in that position.

On the CrossFit Burke website, you will find a section dedicated to the explanation of the gym’s values.

Gallagher said the values section of the website is an informational and educational tool for those who don’t know what CrossFit is and why the prices are what they are.

A description of the values, programs and pricing at CrossFit Burke are all located on the same page of the website for convenience. “When you speak to your values as a gym, you speak to what you’re offering,” said Gallagher. “Your values are your outward facing proposition to the people who are reading your website or walk in through your door.”

The page reads in part: ‘CrossFit Burke measures value by our highly educated and professional coaching staff. CrossFit Burke measures value in providing a first class facility that meets all strength and conditioning demands. CrossFit Burke measures value in our community.’

Gallagher noted potential CrossFitters often do not understand why a monthly membership at a Box, which usually falls somewhere between $150 and $250, is so much higher than the membership fees of franchise gyms. For example, a basic membership at Planet Fitness costs $10 per month.

But he believes the personal training aspect of CrossFit, even though taught in a group setting, shouldn’t be overlooked. As a Box owner it is his job to explain that  to potential members— with the initial help from the values section of his website.

The CrossFit Burke owner urged other Affiliate owners not to get caught up in market research when determining pricing.

He said that fellow owners should put themselves in a potential member’s shoes and ask themselves what they would pay for their own coaching.

“If you believe you provide an excellent experience for your athletes, you’re professional, your gym is clean, the atmosphere is inviting, and you would pay top dollar for it, then charge top dollar for it,” he said.

Gallagher added that the comfort of members, not the price tag, is what’s most important to him.

“We help people reach their goals based on what they feel most comfortable with,” he said. “We want people to come and stay with us that believe in our culture.”

Selena was a previous staff writer for Peake Media.