How MBS CrossFit Benefits from Gymnastics

MBS CrossFit

MBS CrossFit’s athletes needed to improve movement and body mechanics.

Ben Yates, the gymnastics Coach at the Box in Colorado, said they answered the need in 2014 with a gymnastics class. Offered two times a week, the hour-long class allows members a chance to attack their weaknesses. “People are noticing the demand,” said Yates. “I’ve had a couple people more recently joining with this, and they’re noticing their workouts are getting faster, their gymnastics are getting easier and they’re hitting new personal records in their gymnastics components.”

When a member walks into a gymnastics class at MBS CrossFit, he or she will find Yates focusing first on position and body awareness. By using traditional gymnastics and the gymnastics found in the sport of CrossFit, he builds strength and skill in athletes.

For example, Yates said if a member wants to conquer a handstand pushup, he will look at first developing their midline in the class. The important thing is to ask members not what they want, but rather what they need in order to achieve their goals.

“That’s the cool thing I love about CrossFit, especially gymnastics, is when done correctly or done well, we’ll see progression,” he said. “That’s what the whole fitness industry is about is progression, moving forward, advancing with our movement or even if we need to, regressions on how to take it a step back and focus on the basics.”

When it comes to the logistics behind organizing a gymnastics class, Yates said both a tumbling pad/mat and a pair of rings are must haves. MBS CrossFit also has two full parallel bars and parallettes.

He also shared Affiliates and Coaches should obtain education from the CrossFit Journal, CrossFit Gymnastics course and the CrossFit Level 1. But if having a gymnastics program is still not a viable option, Yates explained local gymnastics gyms typically offer beginner adult classes. Look into partnering with one of those local gyms.

All in all, Yates explained MBS CrossFit has seen huge benefit from offering a gymnastics-focused class beyond member movement improvement. “It actually brings in people, having a gymnastics class,” said Yates. “Several of our members said when they moved to Colorado they were scouting out gyms, and one of the things that won them over is that we had a gymnastics class.”

Consider adding a gymnastics program to benefit your members and the surrounding community. “I really like how, No. 1, it’s an opportunity to learn,” said Yates. “They can come here and we actually get to dive a little bit more in-depth on these bodyweight movements.”

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