Box Pro MGX: Mastermind Groups for CrossFit Leaders

Box Pro Mastermind Groups

Box Pro has been providing best practice business solutions that educate and empower gym owners to succeed. Now join our virtual community of gym owners dedicated to improving their businesses and life.

What are Box Pro Mastermind Groups?
Your personal set of industry advisors.

Our Mastermind Groups are peer-to-peer for gym owners. Groups are limited to a maximum of eight members per group and a facilitator will moderate business topics and discussions for each group. Groups will meet twice a month and hold each other accountable, help solve challenges, share best practices, and help each other overcome roadblocks on the road to success.

What Mastermind Members are Saying:

“There is nothing worse than feeling like you are lost on an island all by yourself. The Mastermind Group has become a combination of MBA, C Suite and peer review that microgym owners don’t have access to. It’s the most important appointment of my week and is one of the key reasons we not only survived the pandemic but are on our way to thriving.”

TJ Belger, the owner of TJ’s Gyms with two locations in California

“I enjoy being able to bounce ideas/issues off other like-minded gym owners. The best thing about the group is even though we have different mindsets on how things should be done, we all have the same goal and that is to see us all succeed.”

Ryan Cage, the owner of PR Star Fitness in Virginia

Getting an outside perspective on your biggest business challenges from high level operators is invaluable. Most of the gym business coaching out there offers a lot of the same boilerplate advice or deals in questionable paid acquisition strategies. These masterminds instead focus on learning from folks who are at the top of their game.”

Todd Nief, the owner of South Loop Strength and Conditioning in Chicago

“If you believe in surrounding yourself with other likeminded people who can help you and challenge you to be better, I would highly recommend joining a Box Pro Mastermind Group!”

Jason Skeesick, the owner of Chicago Elite Fitness

Have questions about joining a group today? Please e-mail Heather Hartmann at to inquire about joining a group.