Manage Relationships with SMS Text Messaging

As a Box owner and operator, you know first-hand the challenges of running a gym, especially when it comes to generating new business and maintaining existing members. From developing a marketing strategy, scheduling prospective member trials, handling sign-ups, engaging with members, collecting monthly dues, re-inspiring and retaining potential drop-outs — gym owners are always looking for the most convenient, efficient and cost-effective ways of communicating with current and potential members. Print ads, door-to-door flyers and e-mail marketing have all become crowded, where it is hard to be noticed and harder still to be engaging. But there is one method that truly stands out as an effective, affordable and ultra-cool way of creating and managing relationships with members: SMS text marketing.

CallFire — one of the world’s largest providers of text marketing and communications services — is at the forefront of providing voice broadcast and text messaging platforms to fitness centers across the country. Major fitness brands that use CallFire’s mobile marketing products at their gyms nationwide speak to the success of this technology.

“It has been a very effective way to communicate membership offers and club specials to members as well as prospects,” explained Chet Dine, a manager at Fitness 19. “We also utilize CallFire to communicate with members that have an outstanding balance and have [had] a very good response.”

CrossFit is the new, hip “technology” in the fitness industry and text marketing is a fresh approach in the advertising world — the combination just makes sense. Using CallFire’s text marketing products allows you to engage with members on a regular basis. Texting has become the new social media, creating a feeling of community within the gym — and this translates directly into increased revenue from both new and current members.


By CallFire