Making Your Website Benefit Your Business

Courtesy of Shutterstock.comCreating a consumer friendly website for your CrossFit Box is as important to your business as programming and coaching. Most potential athletes are experiencing your Box for the first time through the Internet. With information at individuals’ fingertips, there is no reason not to search online for a Box in your area. Some people will receive their first impression of your Box through word of mouth, local marketing and promotional events. These individuals have a starting point. Their interest has already been sparked. Your Box’s website needs to provide that identical interest and spark. Potential members want their questions answered, want to be intrigued and need to leave excited to learn more.

Simply having a website is not enough. The website that is representing your company will benefit greatly if organized and helpful. An organized website allows for individuals to find what they are seeking. The homepage of your site needs to be clear of clutter. Simple is sometimes the best way to go. Create pull down menus that are organized enough for anyone to use. If I am new to the site, I should have all my questions answered under one tab or menu option. When experienced athletes are on your site, they should be steered towards the menu tab with information pertinent to them. Let the homepage guide viewers to their appropriate destination.

Now that people know where to click, ask yourself “is the information that they are clicking helpful?” Potential members have a few questions in mind when visiting your Box’s website: what is CrossFit, the location, price, schedule, contact information, who is the owner, who are the Coaches and how to get started. Providing answers to all these questions is fundamental to a website. Have a tab/link dedicated to all of these common questions. Deliver this information in the clearest way possible. This is also your opportunity to provide new people with tabs/links dedicated to powerful, influencing material that will get them intrigued. Here is where we want to explain how your Box has this great free trial class, Foundations/On-Ramp program, success stories, mission statement, your love for CrossFit and how their life will be changed. When people find the price, location or schedule page they should be guided to check out powerful links that will provide them with more information than just class times and membership options.

In general, use language that is captivating in order to attract potential business. CrossFit Sayreville does a great job of getting people to think positively about the Box from the very first moment.  On the homepage and drop down menu, you see keywords like affordable, join the crew, free intro class, continuing education and educated Coaches. Influence viewers with powerful phrases that will subconsciously elicit positive thoughts. Once we have people coming to the Box from the website, we have to keep them visiting the site on a daily basis. Constant upkeep and new content are vital for long-term success of your website. This is a great place to post WODS, results from previous classes, small clips from WODS, technique videos, engaging articles about mobility and important Box announcements. Post on social media with links directing the world to visit the site for information regarding any topic.

A website that is organized, useful and informative will attract people time and time again. Any great website experiences tons of traffic. Fine tune your site and be ready to learn how your website will eventually start making you money.

In 2009, Ben Isabella received his C.S.C.S from the National Strength and Conditioning Association. As well as being a strength and conditioning specialist, bootcamp instructor, and CrossFit Level 1 Trainer, he is a physical education teacher at Sayreville High School. Keep up to date with current fitness and nutrition info by following him on Instagram @Ben_Isabella.