Making Sales + Saving Money

How to save money in your Box.Truth be told, if you can get used to having the same type of jump rope, your double unders are only going to get better. Secondly, if your members have their own jump ropes, you don’t have to spend extra money purchasing ropes for your members, thus saving you some cash.

This may not seem like a big deal, but if you can get away with saving $15-$25 per rope, times 15 ropes, you could save yourself between $225-$375. You may say, “Well that’s just the initial purchase, those 15 ropes”. Sure, but think of all the things you could be spending that money on as a small business. Also consider that even though you might not have to make that investment again, you’re still going to have to slowly purchase more ropes at the same rate as the others get damaged. Therefore, you’ll slowly keep making the same investment time and time again.

Next, the problem with the ropes is that you’ll be more likely to stay closer to the $15 rope in order to save money. That means the ropes aren’t top quality and your members will continually struggle with their double unders and the ropes will break. Eventually your more dedicated members are going to ask about ropes, you’ll point them in the right direction and they will go to a website distributor where they’ll purchase their own rope. At that point, you just spent money, and lost more money.

I understand that having a pro shop is difficult. You’re a Coach, a trainer and a small business owner … when would you ever have time to run a pro shop? I get it, but imagine if you could take aspects of the pro shop and incorporate them into your small business.

Using the jump rope for example. If you wish that all of your members had a jump rope, include it in the entry fee or onboarding fee. Every new member in their purchase will receive one rope. So for example, if you charge $125 per month for unlimited classes, design your your first month to be $150. In that first month, the member would receive the unlimited classes and a $25 rope. You don’t have to keep the ropes in a pro shop, just keep them in a closet in your gym, or somewhere safe.

Also, don’t get into a habit of making exceptions. I know you’re probably thinking, but what if members already have a rope meaning they may not want to pay the extra $25. Remember, the extra money will keep you sane. You’ll have uniformity in your gym and you won’t have to worry about spending almost $400 on jump ropes. Additionally, it will get all of your members comfortable using a decent rope.

Finally, this would allow you to make bulk purchases of jump ropes because you’ll always need more. Your members are going to break theirs and they will need another. That’s simply just another $25. Also, if you can get the $25 ropes for $10 each, you’ll be able to either save your members money, or make more of a profit for your gym.

You could do this with a number of products. You could even design a CrossFit beginner package for new members where they spend a certain amount in onboarding and receive certain must-have products to get started. Not only would this help your gym make more money, but it would build value into your onboarding and make new members feel like they already have the tools to succeed.

Tyler is a former editor of Box Pro Magazine.