Make the Games Work for You


We are officially a week away from the 2017 Reebok CrossFit Games!

Held in Madison, Wisconsin, it’s sure to prove to be something quite new this year. Dave Castro’s hints and the small tidbits he releases of workout information has the community in an uproar.

While the Games are great for exposing the general public to CrossFit, I’ve also heard the debate from many Affiliates that it’s a detriment. People will see the elite doing what they do in the five-day event on prime-time television. Then, they will be terrified to walk into a Box.

Some say it hurts the industry. Some say it benefits it. But I say, what are you choosing to do that will benefit your community?

You can’t determine if CrossFit is going to hold the Games this year or not. You can’t change what Jimmy flips to on his TV. You don’t have a say if the elite athletes will look super swole and intimidating. But what you can do is create your own image.

Who are you as a gym? As a business? Do you live and breathe competition? Great. The Games will probably help draw in those hardcore athletes to your gym.

However, what if you’re on the other end of the spectrum and you are more of a lifestyle gym? Then get your people talking. Build that culture and make it such a family your members won’t be able to stop sharing about it. Show people that despite what’s on TV in the coming weeks you’re different. You can serve them right where they are at, no prior experience needed.

And once you’ve decided to embrace who you are as a business, enjoy the Games. Once you’ve determined who to reach and what audience you are speaking to, watch the climax of the sport of fitness. Think about the good things that come from it rather than the bad. Plan a gym event that will get people talking and bringing in their friends. Use the hype at this time of year to build hype in your own gym.

Instead of fearing what impression the Games will give your local community, make the Games work for you. Like CrossFit where everything is modifiable and scalable, mold the Games into a tool you can use. It will look different for various gyms, and yes it might be harder for some of you than others, but you can’t stop it. The Games are only growing.

So either make them work for you, or succumb. The choice is yours, Affiliate.

Heather is the editor for Box Pro Magazine. Contact her at