Maintaining the Open Excitement

maintaining the open excitement

Keeping the spirit of the Open alive over the five-week competition can sometimes be a challenge. However, Beth Campos, the owner of CrossFit Eden in Eden, North Carolina, has found a few strategies to help her Box stay energized.

VIP Section

For each week of the Open, CrossFit Eden auctions off a VIP section. The section houses multiple couches right in front of the action so the VIPs can’t miss any of a workout. Teams are encouraged to bid on the area together for a personalized section of the Box to cheer on athletes competing from their team.

The bidding starts at $75 for the area. CrossFit Eden uses the money raised for a nonprofit program they are starting called Rising Tides. Rising Tides is a program dedicated toward helping teenagers stay out of trouble in the community by giving them a place to enjoy themselves and get a workout in after school.

“We are going to use the money to offer scholarships for our Rising Tides program,” said Campos. “I knew kids usually get in trouble when they don’t have something to do, or when they are bored. Just from the Open money raised, it will pay for five kids memberships for a little while. We are just starting that this year, so hopefully it can grow.”


At CrossFit Eden, each Coach is expected to help with the success of their Friday Night Lights series. Jobs range from checking in athletes to judging, but one Coach has found success in blogging about each night of their competition.

The blogs were originally used to spark interest in competing, but now they are used to highlight a member that may have hit a new PR or tell a success story. For instance, they recently highlighted a member who, after completing his workout, told a story of overcoming a heart attack.

“I hadn’t realized he had even had a heart attack. He had told us about his knee issues, but not that,” said Campos. “When he came up after the workout with the proudest face you have ever seen, we all got chill bumps thinking about it. We try to find a couple of people to brag about every week. Not people who are winning workouts on a daily basis, but those unsung heroes of our gym.”

Beginner’s Workout

An important aspect to CrossFit Eden is being all-inclusive. They wanted to make sure everyone competing in the Open had no fear that they may not be able to complete a workout. Because of this, Campos writes a beginner’s workout every week.

“The scaled workouts this year have been pretty hard,” said Campos. “This way we got about eight or 10 more people to sign up when I decided to start doing that. We can rework workouts for our teens program if they can’t do some of the movements. We really try to be all-inclusive with it.”

On top of this, CrossFit Eden tries to consistently post on social media with sneak peeks of each week’s preparation, a video compilation from the previous workout and albums of photos from each competition.

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