Love What You and Your Staff Do


Do you love what you do?

Every now and then, I think it’s important to ask yourself what you love to do. And even if you think you know the answer, a little self-reflection never hurt anybody.

But that question isn’t for you alone. You also need to ask your staff if they love what they do too.

In “Two Brain Business: Grow Your Gym,” by Chris Cooper, he stated, “If you’re using people to their full potential, they’ll be happier, love their work and attract more people.”

I know when my company uses me to my fullest potential, whether with Box Pro or one of our other publications, I feel needed. And it has provided me with a sense of love for my job that overrides those hard days or busy weeks.

One of the founders of Box Pro’s parent company talks about putting people on the right seat of the bus. It’s more than just getting them onboard. It’s about having them in the best spot for them and for the company. Cooper wrote in his book, “There’s a best place for people in your organization.” And I think there is; it just might take some time to find it.

For instance, my boss and editorial team figured out my talents and passions quickly. I helped by voicing I wanted to do more videography and photography, jumping at chances that came through. However, they have also been very trusting in offering me these opportunities.

After asking yourself this question, it’s time to sit down with your staff and ask them what they love to do. Is it working with kids? Maybe it’s organization? Whatever it is, they have a passion that could benefit you and your business. And typically when someone is doing something they love, their work is top-notch.

If your staff isn’t vocal, give them opportunities in a variety of areas. Ask them to head up the next community event. Or start a short weightlifting course and put their teaching skills to the test. Make them realize you want to help them find their passion, and they will begin to trust you enough to reveal it.

Remember, you’re not on this bus alone. There are a lot of other people riding it with you. And if you had any experience riding a school bus, the ride will be a lot more fun if people are happy where they are sitting.

Heather is the editor for Box Pro Magazine. Contact her at