Look Beyond Your Gym Doors


Technology and I don’t get along.

We’re like two people who have to be friends because their parents hang out, but the whole time we bicker and argue. Sure, there’s a sweet moment here and there, but more often than not it’s just a relationship littered with problems.

So when Ryan Cage, the owner of CrossFit PR Star, and I sat down to record Episode 34 of Box Talk, I couldn’t even be surprised we had technology problems. Sure, they were on his end with a pair of headphones that wouldn’t work, but I knew technology was just messing with me.

In the end, Cage was a trooper and whipped out his daughter’s hot pink headphones, wearing them throughout our Skype call like a champ. He didn’t even flinch when she came home toward the end of our call, asking him brazenly why he was wearing her headphones. I mean, how dare he?

OK, Heather, what’s the point here? No, it’s not that I struggle with technology so we should all go back to the Stone Age. Nor is it about those pink headphones. The point is instead something I was reminded of in my chat with Cage: You are more than your Box.

Cage was a man of many talents, whether it was father, husband or entrepreneur. He was wearing a lot of different hats — and headphones — when I chatted with him. But one of the most crucial things he said toward the end of our talk was the fact he needs to take at least one hour a day for himself. Sure, right now with young kids that hour is often consumed loving them, but it is still a step outside of the business.

And when he says one hour, he means it. Cage won’t respond to messages or emails or calls when he is taking that specified time away from the gym. Even on vacation, he has positioned himself to simply check in once a day with his managers to see how things are going. Other than that, it’s up to them to run things.

So, when his daughter walked in, I got to see Cage for the father he is, not just the gym owner. And it got me thinking about all of the Affiliates out there. You, too, are so much more than a Box owner. You are more than the successes and failures of your gym. You have people who care about you beyond those things.

I just felt the need to encourage you, Affiliate, to look beyond your gym doors and at the life outside. And I encourage you to be like Cage: Take a step away from the gym an hour a day, and remember who else you are.

Heather is the editor for Box Pro Magazine. Contact her at heather@peakemedia.com.