Looking Back Before Moving Forward

2018 in review

Nearly every social media has a 2018 year in review feature they send out annually in the beginning of January. It highlights the peaks of your year, who you became friends with and shares memories to reminisce on.

Your CrossFit business can take a lesson from these platforms. Are you looking back on your 2018? You should be. There are mistakes to learn from and successes worthy of celebrating. As you look back on the 2018 business review, keep these few things in mind:

Analyze Important Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

Be sure to analyze important KPIs to prepare your marketing strategies for the year ahead. A few good places to start could be to review your number of new members, number of renewing members, and open and click rates in your email marketing. Analyzing these can be a great way to zero in on areas of your digital marketing you can improve.

Review your Brand’s Digital Content

Take a look at your website and social media pages, and consider making some upgrades to these platforms. If you find your multimedia posts performed exceedingly well, try adding more of that in 2019. For example, try adding some of your athlete testimonials or post some engaging digital content, such as videos or high-quality photos, to refresh your brand’s image and keep it relevant. Digital marketing is constantly evolving, so it’s important to be sure you are always updating that area.

Compare to Previous Years

It’s key to compare 2018 to previous years of your business. Since the goal of your business is to grow your bottom line, you should be seeing positive change in every category. A business is bound to have a bad year or two, but by comparing to previous years you are ensuring you won’t make the same mistakes twice.

Review Gym Values and Culture

If you aren’t consistently and intentionally working on your values and culture, they will create themselves — and you probably won’t like the results. Having well-defined values creates a roadmap for what you expect from members and employees. What did you do this year to create a positive culture and what opportunities were missed? Look back on the best ways members exhibited these values and reward them accordingly.

Celebrate the Good Stuff

It’s easy as a business owner to jump to the failures when reviewing your business. Many will focus on what didn’t work and over analyze why and how it failed, which only serves to keep them from success. Great ideas can arise from evaluating what succeeded and why. Write down your top five successes in your business strategy this year, and note any processes or tools that helped you achieve them.

Kaitlyn is a staff writer for Peake Media. Contact her at kaitlync@peakemedia.com.