Opening of Technologically Advanced CrossFit

Technologically advanced Box.On June 1, 2015 Brad Longazel, one of Louisville’s top personal trainers, will launch the most technologically advanced CrossFit facility in the area. Strong Side CrossFit will feature real time heart rate monitoring, personalized video war-ups and a BodPod body fat monitoring system. The same system was used at the NFL combines this year.

“The purpose of all the key features at Strong Side CrossFit is to bring a new level of CrossFit to Louisville, Kentucky. The landscape of gyms is saturated arcoss Louisville. We wanted to provide new and exciting technology to help raise our athletes to the next level,” explained Brad Longazel in a press release. Longazel is a certified fitness professional and founder of Everyday Athletes and Strong Side CrossFit, a personal training facility and Louisville’s newest CrossFit gym.

“Most Crossfit gyms offer little to no tracking tools on a scientific level; we bring all the latest tracking tools to Strong Side CrossFit Louisville,” said Longazel. “My goal is to help take our athletes to the CrossFit Games in the next coming year. I will find and use whatever tool or device available to make their dreams of being on ESPN come true.” Members will follow the Strong Side CrossFit exercise plan and receive weekly checkups using the BodPod, heart rate monitor, and mobility screening.

Strong Side CrossFit Louisville opens June 1 and will be located at 1804 Production Ct. Louisville, KY 40299.