Live Chat With Your Potential Leads

live chat

Checking your email constantly to sift through questions from potential customers can become exhausting. It can be easy to accidentally mistaken an important email as junk and delete it. Because of this, Brian Jaffe, owner of Cave CrossFit in Los Angeles, California, installed a widget on his website to ensure he noticed each question.

Cave CrossFit’s website features a Live Chat option in the bottom right corner of each page. The app is called and it is a messaging program that allows you to monitor and chat with visitors on your website.

Once someone fills out their name and email, along with their question for Cave CrossFit, the app will ping Jaffe, or any other staff with the app installed on their phones, and they are then able to enter the chat to respond.

“We knew it was another way to connect with potential leads,” said Jaffe. “It gave people someone that they could talk to right away, or at the very least someone could get back to them within a shorter time period than an email or a call. Anytime you can leverage technology to increase the customer experience it’s a good thing. It connects to an app on our phones so we can always be aware if someone is there.”

An added bonus to the live feature on the app is the ability to see who is on certain sections of your website. gives insight on how your website is doing by dissecting what areas people look at the most or spend the most time on.

“When you login there’s a dashboard where you can see the usage of how many people have visited, if there are people currently looking and what pages they are on,” said Jaffe. “It keeps track of all that for you. It doesn’t have their names unless they provide it.”

Since this app is unlike a chatbot that has designated responses programmed into the system, it could seem a bit overwhelming dealing with the varying times you will get notifications to respond. Jaffe explained that the app is customizable for this very reason.

“You can set what times you want it to be offline and online,” said Jaffe. “For example, if you only want it to be online during business hours or during a specific time you can set it for that. It is just another feature to show you are available and you want to get to know the person who is potentially interested, and there’s someone there to help whenever they need.”

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