Why You Should Listen to Your Members


Have you ever wished your members would just tell you what they want?

Or, maybe they do and you wish you didn’t have so many voices clamoring for your attention.

Michael Wuest of CrossFit COMO figured out a solution to this — ambassadors.

At the Box in Columbia, Missouri, Wuest started something known as the Ambassadors Program. About a dozen members were chosen from a slew of applications to represent the Box for as long as they are able. They meet on a quarterly basis to talk about issues at the gym, apparel designs, event planning and more. The program has been running for two years now and Wuest has seen marked improvement in his business.

For example, CrossFit COMO had Saturday workouts for a year after opening, and no one ever came during football season. Upon implementation of the Ambassadors Program, Wuest was told members spent those days tailgating, and they wanted the Coaches and Wuest to join them. So, Wuest changed the schedule to reflect what the members told him.

I was able to chat with Wuest for Box Pro’s podcast, Box Talk, about the Ambassadors Program — where it came from, how he formed it, what the ambassadors’ roles were, etc.

Affiliate, I encourage you to listen to the podcast below. I think Wuest does an excellent job of breaking down how he started the program, and you might just want to start your own after hearing about his personal experience with it. If nothing else, take away the fact your members’ have ideas that might better your business; all you have to do is listen.

Heather is the editor for Box Pro Magazine. Contact her at heather@peakemedia.com.