Lighting Up Leads


A shot in the dark is when you attempt to guess something with no prior knowledge. If you aren’t tracking your leads, Trey Tamble said that’s basically what you’re doing.

“It is crucial that Affiliates track their leads so they have solid data to make educated decisions with their marketing and other elements of their business,” said Tamble, the founder of Siteplicity. “Without data an Affiliate owner is shooting in the dark, which is not good.”

Leads — also known as prospective members — are essential to track. It’s more helpful to pursue someone who has shown interest in your Box versus someone who hasn’t.

Eric Allen, Wodify’s vice president of customer experience, explained tracking leads basically comes down to tracking interactions from the targeted list of people interested in your gym. “As with any brick and mortar business, there is a finite population in the surrounding area,” he said. “Staying in contact with those people that show interest is a critical piece of getting them into your gym, and lead tracking is how you can accurately monitor that lifecycle from first interest to customer conversion.”

But how can you keep tabs on leads when you’re doing so many other things? Tamble suggested Google Analytics, while Allen explained any customer relationship management system can help you see who your leads are and what your last interactions with them were.

Even so, it ultimately comes down to having processes in place. “You certainly need solid software to help you aggregate the data, but the truth is real lead tracking is all about process,” said Allen. “Your software will tell you how long it’s been since you spoke to a lead, but it’s up to you and your process to determine when you should be reaching back out.”

Sometimes, even the small things can help a Box increase its leads as a whole. Tamble explained he had a client where the keywords and positioning of calls to action were changed on the client’s website. By doing that alone, the leads more than tripled.

With all the talk of new members, however, Allen pointed out it’s essential not to forget about those customers currently using your Box. Retaining them is key. By tracking their attendance, he said you can tell when a member hasn’t been to the gym in a while and might fall off as a client. “Using that information to craft a personalized email coaxing the person back in the gym is a great start,” he said. “Even something as simple as sending out a survey to find out what kind of music most of your members like can go a long way to making athletes feel more welcomed during a class if you use that information to create a playlist your customers enjoy.”

Overall, Allen said the days of, “If I build it, they will come” are in the past. Owners need to embrace the idea of paying more attention to tracking leads. “Affiliate owners are seeing more and more that they have to engage in the less fun side of owning the business,” he said. “Sales is a huge part of growing a business, and lead tracking is a huge part of sales.”

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