Lift for the 22 at O’Hare CrossFit

Lift for the 22

In the industry of CrossFit, a big theme is to give back. But, sometimes it can be overwhelming to pick and choose between all the charities out there.

Angelo Sisco, the owner of O’Hare CrossFit, shares how his gym has recently got involved with Lift for the 22. He dives into the why behind partnering with them as well as what Affiliates should consider when choosing charities to give back to: 

Box Pro: What is Lift for the 22?

Angelo Sisco: Lift for the 22 places veterans from any era into one of their partnered gyms with a free gym membership. Their goal is to provide fitness as a service for veterans upon transition from military life. In the long term, Lift for the 22 aims to form fitness support networks in gyms across the nation where veterans can workout and network with one another in a positive atmosphere.

BP: How did you get involved with Lift for the 22? What does involvement look like?

AS: A veteran who comes to O’Hare CrossFit (OCF), Johnathan Maldonado, mentioned the charity to me. Once I spoke with their CEO Carter Davis, I was so excited to partner up and contribute. My initial involvement began with donating five one-year memberships from OCF. Further, we are doing extra fundraisers and events to help bring awareness to this cause.

BP: Why did you get involved?

AS: There are many reasons why I got involved in this particular cause. I firmly believe we take our freedoms and safety for granted, and my ability to own a company would not exist without the liberties this country provides. This very safety is protected and given to us by our military. Knowing that, how could we not want to help and give back to veterans?

BP: What is something other Affiliates should know about Lift for the 22?

AS: All veterans deserve our support. Donating our services to show them gratitude is the least we can do. Further, veterans know how to work hard, are coachable and add a great deal of value to the community.

BP: When choosing charities to partner with, what should you think about/consider?

AS: First, you should consider what impact the charity has on the greater good of society. Next, I see if they are aligned with the values of OCF. From here, I look to determine what extent we can dedicate time, resources and finances to the desired charity. I do not care to participate if I cannot go all in and enact some form of change.

Heather Hartmann
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