Lessons Learned for the Owner in Competition


After two years of training at my CrossFit gym, I finally took on my first competition this weekend.

For about six months, I have been itching to put my fitness to the test. I felt like I was finally ready to compete – albeit scaled. So I signed up for CrossFit Riverport’s Jingle Bell Beat Down.

Saturday was a whirl, in a good way. I fought for each rep and am definitely feeling it several days later. But I’m thankful I did it and conquered another test I never thought I’d pass.

However, I didn’t want to spend this blog talking about my experience competing. Rather, I want to talk about you, Affiliate.

For starters, it is so important for you, as an owner, to support your members. The fact that several of my Coaches, including the owner of my gym, drove 30 minutes to watch me compete meant a lot. Whether you like it or not, you are in a business sustained by relationships. And that means supporting your members, even on the weekends. Maybe not you, specifically, have to be at every competition, but are your Coaches doing a sufficient job of building relationships? They should want to support members as well.

Another thought to chew on: How are you and the Affiliates in your city interacting? Positively? Negatively? Not at all?

While resting between events, I happened to be by the owner of CrossFit Riverport and the owner of the Box of which I am a member. They’ve been friends for years – my gym owner helped CrossFit Riverport start – but they were still learning from each other.

For instance, my gym owner loved how CrossFit Riverport had set up the competition lanes in a staggering manner. I think he was trying to get ideas for his own competition coming up in January.

The owners also chatted about how Riverport would have done eight lanes if they had more equipment. My gym owner piped up and said next time, call him. Or, the other two gyms in the area. The willingness they had to help one another, to share ideas, to make competitions better, was telling.

Because think about it like this: By helping other competitions succeed, you provide your members with more chances to test their fitness. I had been looking for an individual competition for six months before I found the Jingle Bell Beat Down. If I had found one sooner, I probably would have done it.

Competitions are big events that take a lot of work from set-up to marketing. But as a community Affiliates must come together, encouraging their members to compete in order to provide another test to their fitness, or simply to have a blast.

Plus, if your members are competing and getting your gym’s name out there, it’s free marketing for your gym. Just because another competitor is at a different Box, their mom who comes to the competition might live closer to yours. If they meet one of your members, that’s a touch point they now have with your business they didn’t have before.

There’s so much to competitions and events that you don’t realize, Affiliate. Take advantage, work together and see how your community can become fitter as a whole.

Heather is the editor for Box Pro Magazine. Contact her at heather@peakemedia.com.