Do Less Better at CrossFit Veracity

CrossFit Veracity

In February of 2017, a physical therapist’s office space in Summit, New Jersey, caught on fire. As the flames and smoke consumed the area, it also displaced another business that shared the space: CrossFit Veracity.

While no one was hurt, nearly everything had smoke damage. The gym had to be gutted and a large chunk of the equipment needed to be replaced. Thankfully, the gym had gone through its share of locations, explained Leonardo Munoz, the owner, and had a few sources to fall back on at the time.

“The space we vacated for our second location was still available,” said Munoz. “The landlord was so nice and let us hangout there for about a month until we got back on our feet.”

CrossFit Veracity was able to return to its space the first of November. After being displaced, Munoz explained it assured him of the mantra his Box follows: ‘Do less better.’

“A lot of gyms pop up and offer everything under the sun in terms of shredded classes, and CrossFit Kids and Olympic lifting,” said Munoz. “Just do the one thing great. Do less better. Be an awesome Coach who builds relationships and do it well. We aren’t in the fitness business — we are in the relationship business. That’s where the magic happens, is in those relationships, because trust is built. That trust is what has sustained our gym.”

CrossFit Veracity has put a strong emphasis on the bonds formed between member and member, and member and Coach. Munoz explained one way he has done that was by starting with a small amount of classes in the beginning to encourage that interaction.

“You want to have all your classes full from Day One,” said Munoz. “I wouldn’t offer nine classes a day when you only have 30 members because they aren’t going to get that community experience. You want to be able to build those bonds. Everyone will be looking in at a fun and vibrant area going on rather than a class with a couple of people.”

While the gym is still settling down from being displaced due to the fire, they are still working toward a goal Munoz has set for the gym. He wants to be a place the local community can turn to for all fitness questions or concerns.

“I want to be able to be a resource, not only for our members, but also in the community as a fitness resource,” said Munoz. “We know about nutrition and the most efficient way to get fit. We want to let people know CrossFit is safe and fun. It can be a community center that can really impact your health by doing less better.”

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