Learning to Adapt in the CrossFit Industry

learning to adapt

Last year was at the 2016 Box Pro Leadership Summit was where I met TJ Belger for the first time.

In charge of inviting people to the Summit, I had turned to Juliet Starrett, a friend and our fabulous moderator, for recommendations on owners to invites. She has been in the industry longer than I, and thus I trust her feedback implicitly. I knew she could point me in the direction of some great Affiliates that could benefit from and contribute at the Summit.

Enter Belger. As the owner of TJ’s Gyms, he’s been in the fitness industry since the 90’s. But one of the things that is most intriguing about Belger is the fact he adapts very, very well.

First, Belger opened TJ’s Gym and decked it out like a big box gym. By 2005 he realized he had made a mistake. Having found CrossFit, Belger said the equipment he had bought was about to become irrelevant. He even started pulling clients off of those machines to put them on a CrossFit regimen.

The thing is, Belger refused to be unadaptable. He saw a trend, a successful fitness product, and he went after it. Even with a gym full of $200,000 of equipment!

Stories like this and more fill Episode 25 of Box Talk as we walk through Belger’s journey in the world of fitness. He confesses not knowing much about business, but he does something about it. He shares how the first payments in his Box were by members throwing cash in a bucket. He explains how a hairdresser can grow your personal training business exponentially.

All in all, Belger dives into some serious topics and shares some excellent advice. Listen to the latest episode below to be challenged in your own business to continue to adapt and grow as the industry does the same:

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