What I Learned from Our End-of-the-Year Meeting

end-of-the-year meeting

For three days last week, I was in Asheville, North Carolina, with the rest of my company.

If you didn’t know, Box Pro Magazine is under the Peake Media umbrella, a media brand that produces multiple publications for the fitness business professional. Overall we may be a small team, but we get a lot done – a familiar thing in the world of the Box owner.

Ultimately, our end-of-the-year meeting always has two goals: recap the year and build community. Working out of a variety of offices in four different states, this is the only time we are all together. It’s our one chance to meet everyone in the company and connect with one another on other levels then just, “I need this information from you for this thing” via email. We get to build a culture of family and caring in-person, getting to know one other so we can better work together in the future.

Also, one of our core values as a company is, “We have fun. Period.” Our end of the year meeting reflects that – we went horseback riding and toured the Biltmore Estate. We ate good food and laughed a lot.

But beyond that core value, we dove into our own set of roundtables, much like what we had our attendees do at the 2017 Box Pro Leadership Summit. Like any company, we have issues that arise and need to be resolved. So, we problem solved in small pockets and came back with initiatives to implement in 2018. They are lofty goals, but they will ultimately better serve you, the Affiliate.

All of the above is to say how important it is to connect with your peers and listen to their input. I know when I get a seemingly terse email from a coworker, I can tend to have my feathers ruffled automatically. But, since I have built a relationship with him or her outside of just email communication, I can often better understand where he or she is coming from and smooth out those feathers. I can recognize the tone that is misconstrued via a virtual format. And I can seek to understand – another one of our core values – because I have a good foundation of who they are as a person.

So, you probably don’t have to deal with teammates in four different states, Affiliate. But, I think you can benefit as much from the above takeaway as my company can. Teamwork and community among its members is essential. If you aren’t jiving as a team, you will fall short of your goals. Yes, your members are essential, but so is your staff. Please don’t forget that.

While you don’t have to go horseback riding with your team or walk around a giant mansion built in 1895, I do think we need to laugh and care and build relationships on a daily basis. In the end, this focus helps propel us here at Box Pro forward as a team, as I know it would help you, too.

Heather is the editor for Box Pro Magazine. Contact her at heather@peakemedia.com.