The Leadership Summit is Coming!

leadership summit

Last October, Box Pro did something it’s never done before: It launched its very first Leadership Summit.

I remember arriving at The W Hotel Downtown in Atlanta, Georgia, the day before the event. Checking in, I received a room key branded with the magazine’s logo. It was a neat experience to see Box Pro’s brand come to life. Then the event happened. I have never been in a room of more passionate people who are all positively impacting the world.

And in about a week, we are doing it again.

For the 2017 Box Pro Leadership Summit, we’re heading to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. All I know about this city is 1) Philly cheesesteak, 2) the Liberty Bell resides here and 3) Rocky ran up some steps.

But ultimately, the venue doesn’t matter. What does is the approximately 40 Affiliates and 15 sponsors attending this year’s event. I cannot wait to see some of the Box owners I’ve known for years and to meet new faces. It will be great to catch up and connect while overcoming some of the industry’s challenges. It’s going to be a time for networking and problem solving like no other.

Last year, the desire to share and the vulnerability owners showed in revealing their problems astounded me. Affiliates were open and willing to listen. They were hungry for knowledge; there’s no better way to explain it. In fact, it’s a trend I see monthly in the Box Pro stats that come across my desk. You all are thirsty for learning which gives me a good feeling about the future of this industry.

So with that said, I am excited for the Summit this year. I have a feeling we’re going to have some solid discussion and new ideas are going to emerge. I’ll definitely have things to write about when it’s all said and done.

However, if you don’t have the chance to attend the Summit this year, I encourage you to take advantage of something we do at the event: network. There are dozens of Boxes, small businesses and boutique studios you can reach out to and learn from in your area. If you keep yourself on a fitness island, you’ll only know what you know. But if you go sailing to other islands, you’ll expand your knowledge that much more.

Like the Summit, Affiliates are stepping off their individual islands to get together in order to learn and grow. These 40 have realized they can’t do it alone; they need help and community and a network of business owners. It’s something I hope you will realize today, and then will do something about it.

Heather is the editor for Box Pro Magazine. Contact her at