Your New Lead Machine: Body Composition Analysis

body composition analysis

Professional body composition analyzers have made its way into Boxes across the country for several reasons. Owners know professional body composition analyzers serve as a valuable tool to validate services, keep members and create additional revenue streams.

But did you know professional body composition analyzers can also generate and convert more leads for your business? Here are four ways you can use a professional body composition analyzer as a lead generation and conversion machine:

1. Think Out of the Box

Guerilla marketing strategies have worked for hundreds of brands for years. So why not try an unorthodox marketing strategy out for your business? Try visiting areas with high foot traffic that also meets your target market – perhaps there’s an organic grocery store or high-end athletic apparel boutique nearby – and take your body composition analyzer with you. Provide people with a free body composition test and consultation to show them their true fitness levels. Offer people who show up to your Box one free class and discuss how you can help them meet their fitness goals. Some Box owners have obtained 20-plus leads in less than three hours by doing this.

2. Show off Your Box’s Expertise by Offering a Trial

Some owners offer complimentary 30-day onboarding programs that include two free body composition tests. On the first day of the program, Box employees give a potential member a body composition test. On the last day of the program, potential members receive a second test. Coaches and trainers should highlight changes in fat mass and muscle mass to show the potential member what could happen if he or she were to stay with your Box. By using this tactic, chances are you’ve turned a potential member into a long-term member.

3. Create Advertisements Highlighting Your Machine

Educated consumers know results produced by a good body composition analyzer are more valuable than their weight displayed on a scale. Advertise that your Box offers body composition analysis across social media platforms or in local news outlets to attract more members. A professional body composition analyzer will offer potential customers a service other gyms can’t offer and will help distinguish your Box from the competition.

4. Set up a Body Composition Challenge

Hosting a CrossFit body transformation challenge is a great way to grow your membership. Incentivize current members to bring in their coworkers, friends and family as participants in a body composition transformation challenge for a nominal fee. Have these potential members test on the body composition analyzer, and take photos and measurements. Then, provide them with free branded T-shirts, mugs and other swag. Next, let the challenge begin. Provide classes for a set timeframe – 60-days to three months. Remember, it takes about 21 days for something, like attending a new exercise class, to become a habit.

Once the challenge is complete, ask contestants to test on the body composition analyzer for a second time. Gather the data, announce one male and one female with the biggest change in body composition as the winner, and award them with a substantial prize. Offer all participants a discounted first-month membership. Many of the participants will join your Box since they’ve seen the changes they’ve made while taking part in your challenge.

Some Box owners also run a side contest to award challengers and members points when they share your contest on social media, participate in workouts and bring in more referrals, improving the effectiveness of your word-of-mouth marketing.

Keep in mind not all body composition analyzers are created equal. Some professional body composition analyzers take a long time to test, are invasive and take up lots of space. Other devices only measure the upper or lower body and assume information about the rest of the body to measure a person’s body composition. Some devices even use empirical formulas to factor in a person’s age, race or gender to assume information about the person taking the test. This means the data generated in the body composition test may not accurately reflect the person testing. Look for professional body composition analyzers that measure your members as individuals, and be sure to do your due diligence before purchasing a device. The right product can help your Box generate and convert more leads.


By Jeff Kim, the head of marketing and public relations at InBody. Jeff helps gym owners, medical professionals and researchers learn how to use the InBody in their field. InBody tests are easy, precise, non-invasive and quick, taking less than 60 seconds to complete. To learn how you can incorporate a medically validated, professional body composition analyzer into your business, check out InBody’s eBook or email