The Latest Companies to Join AFS

Business relationships.The Association of Fitness Studios (AFS) recently announced relationships with three major companies: Zen Planner, Fitness Brokers USA and Used Gym Equipment.

Zen Planner provides everything a gym owner needs to turn his or her passion into a successful business.

Zen Planner’s all-in-one software includes tools for membership management, scheduling, workout tracking and integrated payment processing, as well as automated email and website templates that help studio owners keep in touch with members and clients.

“We couldn’t be happier to welcome Zen Planner to AFS,” said Josh Leve, AFS president and co-founder, in a press release. “Not only are their products a direct match for our market, but the people behind Zen Planner are committed to our industry.”

Zen Planner is backed by a team of fitness fanatics including gym competitors, MMA fighters, trainers, yoga instructors, black belts, dancers and gym owners. When customers need help, Zen Planner combines their technical know-how with community expertise to help businesses thrive.

“We’ve looked at all the organizations and associations out there and we believe AFS understands the studio market and is providing valuable programs and benefits that we support,” said Brian Lucyk, chief operating officer at Zen Planner, the release.

More information on Zen Planner is at

Fitness Brokers USA, is a buyer and seller of used fitness equipment, as well as new and reconditioned. Customers can save up to 70 percent on brand name equipment at

Fitness Brokers USA also now sells new gym and fitness equipment by Muscle D. This includes strength training and bodybuilding machines like circuit training as well as benches and racks.

“We’re an all purpose fitness equipment company satisfying customers in the eastern US,” said Joe Guilino, Fitness Brokers president, in the release.  “Whatever the customer needs, we can supply.”

“One of the strongest attributes of Fitness Brokers USA is their ability to address customer needs in a wide variety of scenarios,” said Leve.  “Our AFS members represent training disciplines on all places along the workout spectrum.”

Used Gym Equipment, based in Compton, California, has been helping customers put together fitness facilities since 1989.

Whether its cardio, strength, functional training , or full gym packages, Used Gym Equipment has the variety and brands that gym owners are looking for.

“Every day I talk to studio owners and developers looking understand the equipment options available to them,” said Leve. “Used Gym Equipment is definitely one of those options that needs to be strongly considered.”