LALO Tactical Affiliate Program

LALO Tactical

At LALO Tactical, we honor those who choose a path of purpose, a path of hard work, grit and determination. Our company was founded to meet and to serve the needs of Naval Special Warfare Operators, and we have continued to provide the same standards and quality to our line of BUD/s athletic shoes as well. We don’t believe in shortcuts or cutting corners, and for what we’re trying to accomplish there are no days off. The way we see it, this is your life; you’ve only got one, so you had better make damn sure it counts.

We are seeking like-minded CrossFit Boxes to partner with through our Affiliate program. Our goal is to help you grow and to improve your community by offering the opportunity for you to carry quality gear for you and your clients. To drive home how invested we are in making this work for you and your gym, here is what we will do:

  • Affiliate code for 25 perecnet off footwear. Your gym will earn 10 percent commission on each purchase using said code, paid out on a quarterly basis.
  • Stock of catalogs, stickers and LALO banner.
  • Retail POP specifically designed for your unique gym space. We know space is valuable and we want to help you maximize its potential.
  • No-risk inventory. If it doesn’t sell, we take it back, and you earn 55 percent commission on retail purchases should you choose to carry inventory.

We believe that “doing your best” means that you also do what you can to ensure that those around you succeed; our Affiliate program is designed to do exactly that. We stand by our product and we truly believe that it will serve you and your clients well, but if you bring shoes in and they don’t work for you, we’ll take them back no questions asked. For us to succeed you must succeed; we just want to supply you with the right tools for the job.

If our Affiliate program sounds like a good fit for your gym, please email us at for more details.


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